Granite & Quartz Work tops

We supply Quartz and Granite from the top manufacturers . Silestone., Caesarstone, Diresco and Compaq

Work tops are quality checked, passed and approved. Quartz has 10-year Guarantee.

We will make sure that we get the best quality quartz or granite work tops at the best price around.


Red Starlight Quartzsuper pure QuartzBlue Starlight Quartzwhite starightBlack Starlight Quartz

Pure Cream QuartzGrigio Natura QuartzMulticolore Pearla QuartzCappucino QuartzGrey Starlight Quartz




Hardness, Durability, Stain & Water Resistant

Kitchen Work tops should be durable and resistant to water and staining. Marble and Limestone are not. Granite and Quartz Composite are recommended. They are ideal for long lasting kitchen work tops that will look like new for many years to come.


Composite Quartz Surfaces

Quartz is ultra modern and chic. There are many colours and styles, patterns and graining. Quartz is tough and durable as natural granite. Quartz surfaces are known by many names, composite stones, engineered stones and man made stones. Quartz surfaces are made up of 93% quartz, a natural mineral that gives Granite its hardness. The remaining 7% is a strong resin that binds the quartz crystals together. The mixture of quartz and resin is put under heat and pressure to create a quartz surface.


What is Quartz?

Popular brands such as Diresco, Silestone and Caesarstone are the market choice, each brand of quartz surface is made in the same way, what is different is the colour and style choice from each company.  We recommend you choose the brand and stone based on choice and budget and not just what is popular. We only supply a stone that is 100% guaranteed